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Message from Fr Kenneth Macnab

Dear friends,

As you will now know, there will be no public Masses in the country from Friday evening. The Mass at 7.30am tomorrow (Friday 20 March) will be the last public Mass in any of the schools' chapels until further notice.

I will, however, be saying Mass-without-a-congregation every morning at 7.30am with particular intention for us all, our children and families wherever we may be in the world. Other intentions are very welcome. Please send them in by email* and I will let you know the precise day on which they will be offered.

Daily readings for Mass, Morning Prayer, Vespers and other services are available at and I will try to circulate them regularly. It would be nice to think that you can join in and unite yourself to these Masses from a distance.

Several parishes and churches will be streaming their Masses-without-a-congregation in the coming weeks. The list is growing rapidly and I will keep on updating here:

One or two friends have asked about Vespers on the web. There are many possibilities but I am always inspired by the Benedictine monks of Le Barroux in Provence who broadcast their offices at They sing the traditional form of Vespers with Latin plainchant and provide a link to a translation.

For those who live on site, the chapels will all be open for private prayer except for the half hour when I will be saying Mass. Other sacraments, including Confession, have their own guidelines. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Please be assured of my redoubled prayers for you all. Saying Mass "pro populo" - for the people - is the greatest privilege a priest has. It will be my privilege in a very particular way in the weeks ahead.

God bless,

Fr Kenneth Macnab
Chaplain to The Oratory Schools Association



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