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The Oratory Celebrates Candlemas and Feast of St Blaise

On Thursday 3 February, we celebrated the Feast of St Blaise. He is the patron saint of illness of the throat, and so is very much needed in time of pandemic. Traditionally the Church blesses throats by his intercession, with the blessing given using candles blessed at Candlemas. It is known as a simple "sacramental".

The celebrations took place a day later than Candlemas but was still a suitable moment to celebrate and a great way to return to whole school gatherings.

The theme for this year's Mass was "Let your light shine through". Fr Rocks and Ms Deane involved pupils in this theme and hope to build on this work for future liturgies. A special part of our liturgy was the Candlemas Procession, in which candles representing various aspects of life at the Oratory (30 in total) were blessed and carried forward. These blessed candles were then taken away by the pupils and staff working in those areas, as a reminder of the light their work shares with the school community. The candles were carried in procession by appointed representatives of the relevant areas.

During this week, our School Chaplain, Fr Rocks has made arrangements for pupils and staff who wished to have their throats blessed to be visited in Houses and school offices. He will also be offering blessings to the whole Oratory community at Mass this Sunday.