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ECO Schools Programme: Recycling Laptops & Mobiles

The Oratory School is running a recycling scheme as part of our ECO Schools programme. The idea is to encourage people to clear out old, unwanted mobiles, tablets and laptops and recycle them in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Mr Lennartsson, who oversees the project, takes care of the recycling aspect. He gives the unwanted equipment a new lease of life by wiping the hard drive and installing the Chrome based free OS (Operating System) CloudReady. All equipment that is capable of running Windows 7 and can cope with 64 bit structure can run CloudReady. All software, like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google software, etc, are then accessed through the web browser that comes with the Operating System - so no need for any extra software.

To date, reconditioned laptops have/or are being been sent on to local schools that include Langtree, Crowmarsh, Goring, Whitchurch and Woodcote primary schools.

If you are interested in donating, please email