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Coeducation Update: Loquitur

“Loquitur”, meaning “he/she speaks” in Latin, is a good way to summarise this term at The Oratory. As more and more prospective pupils have come for a first look round our school, it has been a great opportunity to let others speak and for us to listen. We have been asking our prospective girls: what do you want from your school? What opportunities are you looking for? This is the moment in Oratory history for pupils to shape the future and set the tone, and the pioneer girls are rising to the occasion.

We have heard a desire for a rich and varied academic programme, one that will take pupils not only to university but also enable them to launch start-up companies, take worthwhile gap years of global service and become political and charitable influencers. The 6th Form academic and Loquitur programme is ready to deliver.

The academic 6th Form programme already prepares pupils for higher education and the world of work, offering a wide and rigorous selection of A Levels, and this has now been expanded to include Psychology and Mandarin Chinese. The academic programme is complemented by an exceptional EPQ programme. The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is an internationally recognised qualification that carries UCAS points. Pupils are able to choose their area of interest, develop a question, document their own research process and produce a piece of work. They also give a final presentation to an invited audience explaining their project and answering questions. ‘In the past, pupils have produced dissertations on everything from cyptocurrencies to HP Lovecraft; they have built a computer and a telescope; they have composed a one-man play and an anthology of poetry pieces of original composition, art and sculpture and mathematical formula. The work is internally and externally assessed and our pupils leave school not only with additional UCAS points and university credit but with a sense of accomplishment and a set of academic research and production skills that will give them a great advantage when producing dissertations and independent research projects at university.

 To match this academic excellence the 6th Form now also offers Loquitur, a programme for pupils that comprises of three areas: enrichment, service and careers. The enrichment strand will cover academic and personal development, including programmes in critical thinking, communication, life lessons, and university application. Service for Lower 6th pupils involves volunteering, charity work and CCF. In the careers programme pupils will be invited to 2-3 careers talks per term and will complete at least one work experience placement during their 6th Form. The aim of Loquitur is to be holistic, challenging and supportive, and to give our young people not only an academic education, but also a sense of fulfilment, of service, of aspiration.

The co-curricular provision for years 9-11 has also been a focus of change this term with challenge and support very much at its heart. From September 2019, pupils in years 7 and 8 will be involved in SVP (Saint Vincent de Paul Society) charity outreach, beginning what will hopefully be a lifelong journey of help and care to those in need. Our 3rd Form pupils will continue the great tradition of working in the CCF and exploring the physical, mental and charitable aspects of this incredible activity. Pupils in years 10 and 11 will be given the choice of opportunities which will include developing The Oratory as an Eco school, senior SVP projects and volunteering. Every group, society and team that is formed has been done so with the thought of our current Oratory boys and our pioneer girls being able to work together to achieve common goals.

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