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COVID-Safe Plans for September 2020

The Oratory School is adopting The Boarding Schools' Association (BSA) COVID-Safe Charter, complying with the latest UK government rules and guidance for the safe return of all our pupils and staff. 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming back our overseas pupils and have our quarantine provision ready to open in late August.

Watch our Return to School video here.

The Oratory School is blessed to be a relatively remote campus in rural surroundings and we plan to make full use of our 100 plus acres to provide as much outdoor education as we possibly can.

However, we have also put the following plans in place for September, which will ensure safety whilst still maintaining the enjoyment of all normal aspects of Oratory life:

• We will be implementing an enhanced cleaning regime in all areas of school. 

• There will be increased hand sanitiser points including one at each biometric entry point. 

• We have maximised space in each of our classrooms, so that pupils are socially distanced and that rooms are well ventilated.

• The same is true with regards to our dining room and we plan to increase the staggering of mealtimes so that fewer pupils are in the dining room at any one time.

• We have planned ways in which we can operate a one way system – particularly in the busy teaching blocks. 

• Pupils will be able to wear face masks if they wish to do so.

• We have invested in software which will allow us to more clearly track pupils around the school. This will not only enhance our safeguarding processes but will also allow us to quickly respond to any cases of COVID-19 and identify which pupils have been in the same lessons and activities.

• It is possible that, depending on the latest government guidance, we will ask staff and pupils to take a daily temperature test to help proactively monitor this key symptom.

• If somebody does fall ill then we have a fully staffed Health Centre and a plan for isolating a patient and arranging for testing.

• The Remote Learning development that we have made means that we can easily cater for the education of a pupil who needs to remain off school. We also hope to use this technology to reduce the amount of handouts passing between staff and pupils (which is sensible from an infection point of view as well as being beneficial environmentally). 

Please contact Matthew Fogg, Deputy Head Pastoral, if you have questions about any of these measures: