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Mass Covid Testing Station Opens for Staff and Pupils

Our mass Covid testing station opened to staff and pupils this afternoon ahead of the start of Lent Term:

  1. Any pupil returning to school can take a test, which is followed by a second test several days later to help indicate whether they are an asymptomatic carrier of Covid following on from the Christmas holiday.
  2. All school staff have the opportunity to take a weekly test.
  3. Serial testing. If a person tests positive then we now have the option for any contacts in school (staff or pupils) to take a daily test rather than having to isolate for 10 days.

All of these tests are optional and there is no compulsion for anyone to take one.

The tests are lateral flow tests which are designed to give a result within 30 mins. Both staff and pupils will be instructed on how to self-administer the test, although there is help available if needed.

Thanks to our wonderful Health Centre team and Deputy Head Pastoral for making this happen.