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NEW Review: The Good Schools Guide (Oct 2021)

We were delighted to welcome The Good Schools Guide in for an updated review of The Oratory on 6 October 2021. This was the first visit since the school became co-educational in September 2020. The review was very complimentary and we hope you enjoy reading it here:

The Oratory Good Schools Guide Review (Oct 2021)

A few excerpt highlights:

  • The School
    • “An active choice for families looking for a small, nurturing environment.”
    • “Very multicultural, particularly given the area.”
    • “With excellent leadership and now girls on board, too, The Oratory seems to be thriving.”
  • Art
    • “A hive of energy, where everybody finds their niche.”
    • “Director of Art would happily have kept us there all day showing off the brilliant stuff that’s going on”
    • “We enjoyed bold, Banksy-style political statements, a feistier side to Oratorians”
  • Music
    • “We heard beautiful, resonant voices ringing out through the chapel in four parts.”
    • “Strong jazz presence – Big Band seriously funky”
    • “We saw the Corps of Drums rehearsing…using just sticks on desks but making an irresistibly toe-tapping noise.”
  • Sport
    • “Girls’ sport shines: U14A cricketers captained by a girl and both netball and hockey teams won first ever fixtures.”
    • “Positive, can-do attitude: coaches seized the opportunity to train and train whilst external fixtures were off due to Covid.”
    • “Coached by the reigning Ladies World Champion, pupils give as good as they get against much bigger boarding schools.”
    • “Outdoor court sits in a blissful walled garden.”
    • “Racket sports scoop up those talented sportspeople less keen on muddy pitches.”
    • “Sporty culture. Big crowds, supportive atmosphere.”
    • “Most find their niche… whether on pitch, court or river.”
  • Boarding
    • “Parents love the ability to ‘dip in and out of boarding’ – truly flexible.”
    • “Boarding houses run with extraordinary efficiency.”
    • [Wootten] “cosy and welcoming”
    • “Wootten is in a very old part of the school, so feels central and purposeful”
    • “A ‘sisterhood’ has developed in Wootten… a real sense of togetherness for these ‘pioneers’, as they are known.”
  • The Grounds
    • “lovely views over the hills”
    • “[The] 100-acre site creates a sense of space and quiet.”
    • “Tidy, well-kept gardens and grounds look out onto open countryside”
    • “Very pleasant, green, [unintimidating] surroundings.”
  • Chapel
    • “[The] old chapel is charming, all old beams and wooden pews.”

"Parents tell us - ‘it’s like a new school'; The Oratory seems to be thriving."

The Oratory Good Schools Guide Review (Oct 2021)