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Our Deputy Head Academic on the Exam Results. 

 1.       What is your analysis of last year's exam results?

I was very pleased. The A Levels were our best statistically at A*-A since 2015 and at A*-B since 2014. The GCSEs also showed significant statistical increases with the A*-A (9-7 in new grades) percentage of 46% being the highest during the time that I have been at the school (2011). The A*-B percentage was also the highest since 2012.

2.       Would you like to comment on some pupils' performances?

There were some exceptional individual performances at A Level with Harry Davies and Sai Muvvala each achieving straight A* grades and getting in to Medical School at Sheffield, and for Economics at UCL respectively. Lucas Sieyes was the leading performer at GCSE with 3 9s, 5 A*s, and 1 8 and as a result he was awarded an Academic Blazer at the start of the Michaelmas Term.

3.       In your opinion, what are the reasons for our great results?

The improvements at A Level and GCSE have been down to the dedication of the teaching staff in the preparation of pupils for specific examinations, a drive on pupil organisation and preparation, and of course the pupils themselves striving to achieve to their potential. The value-added at A Level showed that each A Level grade was adding on average 0.45 of a grade to the baseline predictions and this placed the school in the top 3% for value-added according to the baseline testing system that we use. Such an improvement is deemed to imply that factors “in the teaching and learning, external to the students, has contributed to the value.” The value-added statistics at A Level is therefore something of which the teaching staff are genuinely and justifiably proud.


4.       What are your expectations for next year's exams?

It is in the area of value-added that we are focused in maintaining positive results, whilst enabling every boy to achieve his potential in the subjects he chooses to study. We believe that as long as pupils are achieving their potential and obtaining results that ensure they can go on to study their chosen courses at their chosen universities, then we can be satisfied with the exam performance as well as proud of what those pupils are achieving examinations-wise from their time at the school.