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Parent & Pupil Survey for Remote Learning Results

The Oratory School gathered feedback from a parent and pupil survey on our Remote Learning provision.

We are very pleased with the results and all the positive comments received. We will use the information to continue to improve our remote teaching sessions. Thank you. 

Feedback from Oratory Parents:

“I think the provision is excellent. Thank you and well done.”

“We are loving it! The sessions are great being live, they are engaging and I've never seen so much work going on.”

“The lesson have generally been a real boost for my son. The face to face interaction is fantastic and he is so much calmer and happier now that he is ‘back’ at school learning.”

“Very impressed. Excellent. Thank you.”

“Outstanding. Hugely appreciated.”

“Great job. Boys need structure, its working really well.”

“The team has done an excellent job under very, very difficult circumstances.”

“Absolutely outstanding! Thank you for your hard work.”

“I cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done to ensure the boys have been able to carry on with school life as ‘normally’ as possible. I know how exhausting it all is but The OS seems to have got it completely right… Everything from assemblies, pastoral care, CCF, DofE, sports, activities, tutor tea and house meetings have carried on for them which has been incredible… Thank you so much for everything you continue to do to inspire the boys and encourage them to work hard; I am very grateful and appreciate all the extra work this must be creating for all involved.”


Feedback from Oratory Pupils:

“It’s good to keep in contact with friends and teachers, to keep learning in the conditions we are in and to stay positive.”

“I feel the teachers have been enthusiastic and committed to online learning, this attitude transfers to the students and creates a constructive working environment.”

“Teachers have done well to adapt content to be online based and have managed to keep the lessons fairly interactive.”

“I like the fact that we are able to carry on doing the same things as we would be able to do at school.”