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The Inaugural Oratory Business Networking Event

On the evening of Thursday 25 April, the inaugural Oratory Business Networking event was held in central London. 

The dynamic evening brought together those with an interest in networking, start-ups and entrepreneurship. Attendees were at various stages of their business ventures: some with new business ideas and others at more advanced stages. 

The Oratory community of Old Oratorians and parents from both The Oratory Preparatory School and The Oratory came together to listen to Old Oratorians Charlie Gallienne-Schmidt, Ministry of Startups, and Olly Purnell, Q5, speak about their experiences and challenges in establishing companies.

A lively discussion was had around the challenges facing businesses today and the opportunities available. Many business cards were exchanged and everyone was appreciative to have the opportunity to connect with members of The Oratory community.

Thank you to Charlie and Olly for speaking, and to Olly for hosting the event at the London offices of Q5. 

The next Oratory Business Networking event will be held in the autumn.