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The YFA's One Day Film School Comes to The Oratory

The Oratory School was delighted to provide pupils with access to The Young Film Academy’s (YFA) One Day Film School course to celebrate the end of Trinity term.

The One Day Film School online course is for young filmmakers who want to make a short film. Pupils were guided by video lessons and practical exercises to create a two-minute silent film (with music) which were then shared, uploaded and enjoyed.

The film-making process tested pupils’ communication skills and included problem-solving and teamwork skills. Pupils learnt about the history of film, fight choreography technique (such as how to act and film roundhouse punches using the blind camera angle!), how to create sound effects, camera techniques and screenwriting methods. 

The Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UK’s leading provider of filmmaking courses for 8-18 year olds. Each year, YFA helps over 7,500 young people make their first digital films. The best films produced will be nominated for the Young Film Academy (YFA) Awards at BFI Southbank in August 2021.