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Whole School 160th Anniversary Celebration

Exeat weekend started with parents joining the rest of the school to kick start our anniversary celebrations with a moving whole school mass followed by a barbecue.

During mass some of our boarding pupils had the opportunity to say some prayers in their own languages:


(We pray for the church, that it will always guide us to our Lord, Jesus.)

Nous prions pour le monde; pour la paix et pour l'harmonie sur la terre.

(We pray for the world; for peace and harmony on earth.)

Wir beten für unsere Schule; für unsere Familien und Freunde.

(We pray for our school; for our families and friends.)

Rezamos por los enfermos; para personas en el hospital y personas enfermas en casa.

(We pray for those who are sick; for people in hospital and those sick at home.)

Προσευχόμαστε για τους νεκρούς, ας γνωρίσουν  την ειρήνη του Χριστού.

(We pray for the dead, may they know the peace of Christ.)

It was wonderful to have the whole Oratory family together celebrating our history.