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"Why I’m supporting Heart Speaks to Heart"

Old Oratorian and former parent John Andrews (1964-69) tells us why he has chosen to support the Heart Speaks to Heart Campaign by making a monthly gift to the school.

"Unlike many private schools The Oratory does not have any significant endowment. Old Boys, Parents and Friends of the School have from time to time been generous but it seems to me that, as we move into a new chapter in the school’s history as it becomes co-ed, now might be a good time for us Old Boys to consider how we can be more proactive in securing Saint John Henry Newman’s legacy.

When I was at school the emblem of The Oratory, the Cardinal’s Hat and Tassels was a significant rallying icon. We wore it on our blazers and sports shirts with great pride as we did on our CCF berets. But, for me, the motto Cor and Cor Loquitur was less obviously definable. There have been numerous interpretations, but it might be that Newman’s sense of Cor ad Cor Loquitur was more intuitive than thought out. Maybe it was never meant to be defined because it is a sense, a feeling, an atmosphere.

What defines Old Oratorians for me is that we are all individuals, we don’t need to dress the same and we are often free thinking in our discussions with each other. We are not pack animals. But when we do get together as a group that real sense of school values is very evident: kindness, joy, curiosity, integrity, endeavour, confidence, respect. We are a group of individuals with a wonderful seam of humanity linking us together through all generations young and old. A linked humanity that might be thought of as Cor ad Cor Loquitur. We must lead by example in maintaining those values, but financial support is also important.

My particular pitch is: 'a small regular contribution by many is a sustainable habit'. Donations need not be excessive. If 5,000 Old Oratorians contributed the cost of a modest bottle of wine per month, after one year that support would be worth £600,000 and over 10 years £6,000,000…….! The impact of Old Oratorians joining together, supporting a cause close to their hearts, must not be underestimated.
I have set up a standing order and I encourage others to do the same.”

To support the Heart Speaks to Heart Campaign please click here.