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Old Oratorian Football Returns

U23 Old Oratorians vs Shiplake Old Vikings

Sunday 12 June marked the highly anticipated return of Old Oratorian (OO) football at the Oratory School. We were delighted to host Shiplake Old Vikings for a friendly on our gloriously sunny Exlade grounds.

The game did not disappoint and our Old Oratorians edged it 7-5. Confidence was high and both sides were playing great football. Following their match both teams were treated to drinks and brunch at the Ref - a little trip down memory lane for our Old Oratorians.

Director of Sports, Steve Tomlinson, said “It was a brilliant event and great to see so many of the Old Oratorians back playing with friends and family on the sideline watching. We hope to continue with more football and cricket matches this summer”.

If you are an Old Oratorian interested in taking part in our sports events please email: