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Oratory Racquet's Senior Tennis Trip to Bordeaux

The Oratory Racquets Club visited Bordeaux in the final week of term. The group had an excellent time playing a variety of different sports such as real tennis; padel; squash and trinquet. It was a great experience for the pupils to learn about the history of the different games and the unique challenges that each of them posed.

The Real Tennis court in Bordeaux was only opened in 2020 and so our pupils were amongst the first touring groups to visit the club. Perhaps the most challenging was trinquet. Played with a small rubber ball and a wooden bat on what is effectively a converted Real Tennis court, the game rose in popularity after Real Tennis was banned following the French Revolution.

The group were also fortunate to attend both semi-finals of the Real Tennis World Doubles Championship where The Oratory Head Professional Mr Fahey partnered old Oratorian Nicky Howell. Featuring all the world’s top six players, it was an eye-opening experience for our aspiring players to see the speed, skill and tactical understanding of the game at the highest level.

Alongside the tennis, we were able to spend time in Bordeaux and take in the sights and culture of the city.