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British Science Week: Do you know your Science Department?

In honour of British Science Week, we have been getting to know the staff members in our science department a little bit better. Can you guess the staff from the questions below?

Choose from:
Dr Bowles - Chemistry
Mr Brown - Physics
Mr Easton - Biology
Dr Gemmill - Biology
Ms Harward - Chemistry
Mrs Kenna - Biology & Physics Technician
Miss Kenyon - Biology
Mrs Mainprize - Chemistry Technician
Mrs Zafeiriadou - Physics


1. “I was on the university gymnastics team and won a bronze medal in the first team event of the BUCS championships.” Who am I? 

2. This staff member is speedy on the water! “I rowed against Sir Steve Redgrave in a K2 kayak... and won!” Who am I? 

3. This staff member found themselves in a tricky situation: “I once caused the bomb squad to be called out from Aldershot and the closure of the Oxford ring road for a controlled explosion on my briefcase.” Who am I?

4. “At university I worked on a small part of a project that was sent up into space with Mark Shuttleworth, the world's second ever space tourist.” Who am I?

5. I have scuba dived with bull sharks (considered the most dangerous shark species to humans) without a cage. Who am I?



Answers: 1 = Mr Brown; 2 = Mrs Mainprize; 3 = Dr Bowles; 4 = Ms Harward; 5 = Miss Kenyon