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Geographical Association Lectures for 6th Form

6th form Geography pupils have had an enjoyable range of lectures through our Geographical Association membership this term. Along with several other Oxfordshire schools, pupils have used Zoom to hear from academics involved in frontline research all over the world.

This term's lecture titles are listed below and our pupils can still watch these on their Team pages.

  • 'Your place or mine', a study of the concept of place (Alan Parkinson GA Junior President)
  • 'Disaster by Choice' (Prof Ilan Kelman) with St Swithun's School
  • ‘Slowdown: The end of the Great Acceleration and why it’s good for the economy, the planet and our lives’ Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, Oxford University
  • 'Climate Proof Cities: Tiny Forests' Vanessa Wilde and Bethany Pudifoot, Earthwatch Europe
  • 'A new Arctic in the Making' Klaus Dodds, Professor of Geopolitics, Royal Holloway University of London

Further GA lectures will follow next term starting on the 27th January 2021. Dr Neil Hart of Christchurch College, Oxford will speak on ‘What does the global mean temperature mean to me? Regionalizing and predicting local weather and climate.’

There will also be opportunity for 6th form pupils interested in learning more about Climate Change to join in a series of lectures on December 16th 2020. These run from 09.30-13.00 with Plymouth University online. Our planet is facing climate change unlike that witnessed previously by humanity, we will require skilled scientists to investigate and develop solutions to the problems caused by our warming planet. Pupils will be able to join virtually and find out more about the degrees offered through Plymouth's School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences and discover how they can become part of the solution to climate change. As well as exploring the opportunity for further study, the students will also be attending inspirational talks delivered by Plymouth's world leading experts.

Currently confirmed talk titles are as follows, with more to be confirmed:

- ‘The impacts of retreating glaciers on water security: an emerging environmental issue’

- ‘Rapid climate change – How hot has the Earth been in the past?’

- ‘Flying and climate change: what’s your carbon footprint?’

Students will also be encouraged to engage in Q&A sessions after each talk to raise any questions that they may have.

Pupils should register interest for this with Mr Poynter and they will then receive a Zoom link to join the lectures.