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Leadership Conference for our Junior Boys

On Friday the St Philip House boys headed to the OPS for a days leaderships course. On arrival the boys were all split up into teams with other schools putting everyone out their comfort zones instantly. Over the course of the day the boys listened to presentations from guest speakers from well known chocolate and crisp companies explaining strategies used in making their brands successful.

In between listening to speakers the various teams had to take part in team challenges. The first one was to build a stable structure out of just marshmallows and pasta sticks. Our very own Zack in his ‘Mandela’ team were dubbed victorious in this task. The second challenge was to develop and present to everyone a hand sanitiser station for people of the third world. They had half an hour to design a concept and then purchase materials from a shop stocking materials realistically obtainable in Africa.

All in all the day was a huge success with our pupils thoroughly enjoying themselves, obtaining insights and skill sets which can be applied in future leadership environments they experience.