The Oratory aims to enable each boy to realise his full potential and this is, of course, as true of the academic arena as it is of every other part of a boy’s development. Almost all boys, in fact, proceed to university and in order to achieve this goal, the school provides a challenging, broad and flexible curriculum.


Throughout his time at The Oratory, a boy’s academic progress is regularly monitored. We operate a system in which a boy’s effort and achievement in each subject is assessed and recorded every quarter, with the boy and the parents being informed of the grades. These quarterly marks are emailed to parents for their perusal. In this way we can swiftly detect if and where a boy is experiencing difficulties, is under-performing, or is not being stretched

Tutorial System

Each boy has an academic tutor who, in the lower and middle school year groups, is attached to his House, and tutor groups of between six and twelve boys meet weekly in a dedicated period. In the Sixth Form boys are allocated a Tutor on a subject-specific basis so as to provide better quality guidance in thinking about study options post-A Levels. It is during Tutor meetings also that quarterly grades are given out and discussed individually and strategies for improvement are agreed. The Tutor period is also an opportunity for discussion and for developing critical thinking, as well as tackling PSHEE issues such as British values, road safety, financial planning etc.


At the end of every term a report explaining the boy’s progress in each subject is prepared and sent to parents. We very much welcome contact with parents and, in addition, to the organised Parents’ meetings, parents are urged to keep in touch with their son’s Tutor and Housemaster. There is also a merit system in place based on Academic and Non-academic achievements and is particularly popular with boys in First to Fourth Forms.