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Opportunities are encouraged across the curriculum for pupils to develop study skills, and to engage in active and independent learning. 

Here is our  GCSE Options Brochure for 2019/20.

General Principles

Religious Studies is a core subject for all pupils up to GCSE. The sixth form receive one period a week of Religious Instruction. Pupils receive Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education which reflects the school’s aims and ethos. This is delivered partly through RS, partly through Tutors, and partly through visiting speakers. All boys have one period a week with their Tutor, for the purposes of academic monitoring and as part of the citizenship programme.

We believe in the enduring value of traditional academic subjects and use these as the framework for our curriculum. Equally, we regard physical and creative experience as being vital in the full development of our students. Sport is integral to the structure of the week and all pupils who are fit, take part in an extensive sports programme.

From the start, setting is used in mathematics and it is introduced in other subjects in the course of the 1st and 2nd years. In the 3rd year, most subjects are setted.

St Philip House

In the 1st and 2nd year boys follow a common national curriculum. In addition, all pupils study Latin (with rare exceptions for overseas boys who have extra English). The three sciences are delivered separately from the start. Boys have 2 periods a week of Music, 2 periods of DT, and 2 periods of Art, encouraging the creative element in education.

Third Year

In the 3rd year, there is a common curriculum, to prepare boys for the GCSE courses. In addition to the subjects studied in the 1st and 2nd years, boys are required to choose a second Language – either Spanish or Classical Greek. Boys continue to have 2 periods a week of Art, and 2 of DT. There is a period a week of ICT, and 2 of PE. Boys study either Latin for 3 periods or 1 period each of Drama, Music and Study Skills, depending on their previous experience of Latin.  

 4th and 5th years

In the GCSE years, boys study English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, and Religious Studies as core subjects. In virtually all cases, boys are required to do at least one Language, and are given a free choice between those they have studied. Pupils are required to do either three separate Sciences, or they may choose the Double Award Science course. Otherwise, we allow boys to choose subjects as freely as the timetable will permit, with the advice of their tutors and housemasters. In most cases, boys may study up to 10 GCSEs; most do 10 or 9, with a small number doing 8

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, there is a wide range of subjects on offer for A level and pupils are allowed to choose combinations freely, being constrained only by what can be timetabled. Some L6th pupils study 4 A Level subjects but the majority are choosing to do 3 now that the linear A Levels have returned. IELTS is taught as an option for EFL boys requiring it. The Extended Project is also available to boys wishing to take it. Special preparation is provided for boys aiming at Oxbridge, medical school, and other selective university courses. 

Here is our 6th Form Options Brochure for 2018/19.