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Deputy Head – Academic

Matt was educated at Bolton School Boys’ Division, studying Latin, History and English Literature at A Level (A,A,A – no A*s in those days, otherwise we are sure he would have got all three!). He went on to gain an M.A. in Theology and then a Masters in Medieval Church History, both at Oxford University. He qualified as a TESOL teacher, teaching for over two and half years in China, and is currently completing Masters in Educational Leadership.


As our former Head of Classics, Matt is proficient in Latin and Classical Greek, whilst he is also a fluent Mandarin speaker, and plays the violin and drums. As a cricketer he remains a playing member of the MCC, and toured Greece with the MCC in 2011. He has been a 1st XI league cricketer in three different leagues, as well as previously a 1st XI league footballer in the Lancashire Amateur League Premier Division.

Matt has a very clear vision for the boys at The Oratory: “We want to enable every boy to reach his full potential  both from an academic point of view but also from a whole school perspective, and at The Oratory this might include a number of important qualities – linguistic, cultural, scientific, sporting, musical, artistic and spiritual. The founder of our School expressed the need to educate ‘the intellect to reason well in all matters, to reach out towards truth, and to grasp it’, and this continues to be our aim, albeit in the modern day.”

Matt is adamant that Oratory Boys “develop into human beings with qualifications AND life skills, rather than becoming mere forms who, although they might possess academic qualifications, have no real appreciation of the true application of what they have learned. Oratory Boys are encouraged to view their own education as more than a means to an end. An Oratory education concerns the skills and knowledge the Boys are continuously gaining and developing throughout their various academic disciplines, because it is exactly those skills that will help them find success in the various compartments of their future lives”.

If you would like to discuss academic life at The Oratory, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.