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The Biology department consists of two laboratories and a conservatory which is used to grow plants and to provide a study area for sixth form pupils. The department also has its own storage and preparation rooms. Biology is taught by three specialist biologists.

All boys study biology in the third form (Year 9), in four sets based on their performance in mathematics. During this year boys cover a number of units of the Edexcel Certificate in Biology syllabus. This gives them a good grounding in biology irrespective of their ability on entering the school.

In the Fourth and Fifth Forms (Years 10 & 11) there are four sets which are mixed ability. Although biology is not a compulsory subject most opt to take biology as a GCSE, with the majority gaining a B grade or better.

Biology is also offered at AS and A2 level and follows the OCR syllabus. There are approximately 12 students in each year and the department regularly prepares successful candidates for Oxbridge entrance.

Biology is seen as a requirement for those going on to study medicine, veterinary science or biochemistry but it is also useful for those wishing to study a much wider range of subjects.

S  D Kenyon BSc (Hons)

Head of Biology