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Design Technology


The department which was opened in l989 is presently housed in a new area under the Theatre on the ground floor. The facility is based around a multimedia workshop area with incorporated teaching areas. The inside of the building has height and space while the large windows allow good natural light to penetrate the building. Classrooms adjoin the workshop space making easy passage from one to the other.

In addition to the more traditional metal, timber and plastics machinery the Centre features computers, for computer aided design (CAD) and an integral air supply for pneumatics work and electronics facilities.

A variety of subject options are offered to pupils and at GCSE, D&T Graphic Products have been taught successfully for a number of years. The department is rightly proud of the achievement of those pupils who have successfully attained direct entry to Art and Design Colleges for the study of design and technology at A level. There are two members in the department, Mr Marland Green (HoD) and Mr Scott Bosher.

The ICT room is a facility that is shared with the rest of the school but situated next to the DT department. It allows for easy use of the Internet for research work and various computer aided design programs including Photo- paint, Corel Draw and 3D Max.

The Electronics room is a general classroom but with facility for manufacture of PCBs, prototyping and soldering of electronic circuits. All the benches have variable voltage supply and pneumatic connections.

The graphics area of the workshop is well equipped with air brushes and normal graphical equipment.

The bench area can accommodate up to 18 pupils but rarely has to cope with this number as we are fortunate to teach sets no bigger than 16. There is good storage for tools very close to the bench area; which means that the place is kept tidy and pupils are able to find tools quickly and easily.

Marland Green, MBE MEd CertEd  FRSA MRAeS

Head of Design Technology