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Extended Projects


All sixth formers have an opportunity to research an individual Extended Project, which if completed to the required standard can be submitted for the OCR Extended Project Qualification (H856).

The EPQ is worth half an A level, in terms of UCAS points, and is graded like A level from A* downwards. Doing a project allows students to show an interest in academic area beyond the classroom, through an individual research project. This is valuable for UCAS statements, or to show interest in an academic area which is outside the A levels a student is studying.

Marks are given for Extended Projects on the basis of research skills which are developed and evidenced. The final project can be an extended 5000 word essay, or it could be an event organized, a play written and performed, or an article created. There has to be a report on methods, and a presentation given to an audience.

Research projects might include:

  • Designing a website for a business;
  • Organizing an event outside school;
  • Writing a dramatic act based on Greek mythology, and performing it;
  • Learning a new skill like video editing;
  • Researching allergies or a medical condition;
  • The mathematics of the Rubiks cube;
  • How the History of the Roman Republic has parallels with today’s European Union.

Students are allowed guidance and supervision from a teacher, but the bulk of the ideas and work has to be their own. This is an excellent preparation for the independent work required at universities and in the workplace.

For those that complete and submit their final projects, the average grade is an A grade.

Mr M Syddall  MA MSt DipTESOL