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The Mathematics Department consists of the Head of Mathematics, Assistant Head of Department , two full-time and one part-time classroom teachers, three senior staff and one member of staff who shares his teaching duties with the Physics departments. The Department has updated specialist classrooms, equipped with interactive boards situated in the Morey building.

The pupils are placed in sets for Mathematics, largely based on ability with a normal sized group in Forms 3, 4 and 5 having five sets. Forms 1 and 2 have two sets. Pupils in Forms 1, 2 and 3 follow the STP text books whilst Forms 4 and 5 follow the AQA examination board recommended textbook. The work is differentiated by choice of textbook and by speed of work. Extension work is done to stretch the ablest boys in the top set of each year group.

All students are entered for the AQA GCSE examination. Following Government reforms the pupils will now be following a linear GCSE course with exams sat in the summer of their 5th Year. Boys in the top set in years 3, 4 and 5, will follow an accelerated learning program that will result in them having completed the AQA Maths GCSE course by the end of Year 4. They will then start the OCR Additional Maths GCSE in year 5, initially covering all the Additional Maths topics that will strengthen their AQA Maths GCSE knowledge, which they will sit in the January exam window of their 5th Year. They will then complete the OCR Additional Maths course, sitting this exam in the Summer of their 5th Year. Normally sets 1, 2, 3 and 4 will enter the higher examination (grades A* to D) and set 5 the foundation paper (grades C to G).

Mathematics is one of the most popular A-Level subjects in the school and there are currently 49 students studying in the Sixth Form. Further Mathematics is also available for the more able Mathematicians. There would normally be a group of around 10 taking this option. We also use AQA for the A/S and A2 level modular examinations. Extra help is provided for boys aiming at Oxbridge entrance in Mathematics.

For Mathematics, in the Lower Sixth, the students study two pure modules and Mechanics. This is repeated in the Upper Sixth, with Statistics replacing Mechanics, to make a total of six modules.

Further Mathematicians will study the whole of the A/S and A2 modules over 12 months, sitting their Mathematics A-Level at the end of the Lower 6th Form. They will then study the Further Mathematics syllabus in the 12 months of the Upper 6th Form.
In 2012, 90% of candidates received an A*, A or B grade and 70% of Further Mathematicians received an A*, A or B grade.

Outside the classroom, the Mathematics Department have very successfully entered the UKMT Mathematics Challenge for Junior (Years 1 and 2), Intermediate (Years 3, 4 and 5) and Senior (Sixth Form) pupils. We have done very well with record numbers of pupils receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Several boys have done well enough to be invited to participate in the follow-on rounds.

The Mathematics Department also runs two very successful Mathematics Challenge mornings for 80 pupils from nearby Prep and Primary Schools during the year.

C.J.Sudding BEng

Head of Mathematics