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Physical Education


The Oratory School Physical Education Department is comprised of two full time specialists who are committed to providing a varied and exciting programme that encourages pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle in preparation for adult life.

In addition to a very extensive games programme, boys at The Oratory will receive a double period of Physical Education per week up to the completion of their third year. The boys in St Philip House and third year receive two lessons per week. We believe that all boys are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum in which we address the general requirements of the National Curriculum. Physical Education at The Oratory is very much based upon a philosophy of Sport For All, which itself promotes an improvement in skill and fitness levels within an organised, disciplined and caring environment. Activities are taught on a modular basis and lessons will try to challenge pupils physically as well as intellectually.

Pupils are then able to study the subject at GCSE, AS and A level standard, currently following the Oxford and Cambridge specifications.