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Teaching & Learning


Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Reporting: these four activities are closely connected, and are at the heart of the work of any School. This page provides some information about the Oratory School approach.


Please read our Top 12 tips for teaching.


Please read our Study Skills advice for Pupils.


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From Michaelmas term 2016, the quarterly (and end of term) grading system will be as follows.

Attainment grades will be reported on a scale dependent on the qualification being studied: A*,A,B,C,D,E,U (A Levels and some GCSEs/IGCSE, or alternatively: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (most GCSEs). The Third Form will follow a scale similar to the GCSE year groups whilst the attainment scale for St Philip House will be: 6,5,4,3,2,1.

For the purpose of accurate grading all of the grades on the quarterlies have been split into three tiers to give a further indication of where a pupil lies, at a High, Medium or Low level, within a particular grade boundary. These tiers are represented on the reports by the letters H, M, L respectively. The highest grades available on the scales above are therefore: A* H; 9 H; 6 H.

Effort grades will still be reported on a five point scale: 1,2,3,4,5.

The following guidance for effort grades is not prescriptive, but is provided as exemplification of the difference between the grades. It may also be useful when advising pupils or parents on what needs to be done to improve.


Effort in lessons effort in prep/study
5 Exceptional effort, classroom contribution and where independent thought is clear. Clearly keen to succeed. Classwork and homework reflect considerable effort, commitment and care. Behaviour is impeccable. Exceptional effort over and above what would normally be expected. Resourceful and independent. An impressive work ethic.
4 Has produced good prep and willingly answered questions in lessons. Listens in class and concentrates well. Classwork and homework are always completed well and reflect real effort. Behaviour is always good; never needs reminding of expected standards.
A full prep record and any missed lessons effectively caught up. Evidence of considerable care and commitment.
3 Has worked well. Completes classwork or homework as directed. Occasional signs of real effort/pride in work although these are inconsistent. Behaviour is always acceptable and at times the student will show a commitment to expected standards. All preps completed to a satisfactory standard.
2 Completes homework and classwork as requested but generally does little more than the minimum. Behaviour is generally acceptable, though may need the occasional reminder. There may be occasional missed prep or lack of punctuality. Missed preps and / or perfunctory attempts to catch up when lessons have been missed. Sanctions have been applied. Poor presentation.
1 Effort is below the level expected. Standard of work is poorer than expected. Homework is sometimes not done. Behaviour is not always acceptable, and this student does not always respond the first time he is reminded of expected standards. Many late, incomplete or missing preps and / or no effort made to catch up missed work. Sanctions have proved ineffective.