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Careers Networking Event


4 May 2018

On Friday 4th May the School will be holding its Career Networking Event in the Theatre and Black Room. There will be over 30 participating organisations and individuals, some of whom are parents, who will be taking part and who have kindly given up their Friday evening to talk to the boys on possible career paths, within their industries.

Discussion will include work experience, apprenticeships and graduate placements, as well as gap and university courses and information. This is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to learn to network and to explore paths that perhaps they had not previously thought of. For those older students who have chosen their university courses and are clear in their minds as to their chosen careers, graduate work experience is vital in securing that all important job at the end of a very long journey. Many of the companies (including new exhibitors) attending will be able to advise in that direction, some of whom might be willing to take on a pupil on an internship after university.

We hope that you will encourage your sons to support this event, not least because we would like the companies to return next year, but to really get the most out of the evening for their own benefit.

The evening is compulsory for all Sixth and Fifth Form and Fourth Form boarders. Any other interested pupil should speak to their Housemaster if they wish to attend. Prior to the Career Fair, there will be a talk by Oxford Brookes University to the Lower Sixth in the History Block at 6pm and they are expected to attend.

Parents are of course welcome to come to the fair and we hope that many of you will.

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