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Hampton Head of the River


4 February 2018

On Saturday the boat club raced at Hampton Head of the River over a three thousand meter course on the Thames just upstreamĀ from Hampton Court Palace. The damp conditions did not deter Bateman, Nugent, Tritton, Anidjah and Stone who raced with energy and determination to place in the top ten in under eighteen coxed fours. This was notable for two reasons, firstly the crew were racing for the first time together due to the withdrawal of two of the senior oarsmen and secondly because only one member of the crew had reached their seventeenth birthday. This crew can race in the same category next year and two of the crew the following year also.

The four barely had time to dry themselves off before they were racing again, this time in an eight where they were joined by Machin, Parris, Doherty and first timer Josh Bisdee. The eight gained some valuable racing experience in challenging conditions which will stand them in good stead for the rest of the term.

Over half term Louis Kibble will race at the next stage of the Great Britain selection process in Boston, Lincolnshire where this time he will team up in a pair with Oli Woodall from Hampton School. Good luck to Louis and keep it up!

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