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Head Master’s Blog


29 January 2019

I read in an online newspaper that apparently today is “Blue Monday”, which is the day in the year when people statistically are at their lowest ebb happiness-wise. This is as a result of various things: the fun of Christmas is a distant memory; people have well and truly broken their New Year’s resolutions; they have spent too much money in the holidays and are now broke; the weather is dark and cold with no prospect of Spring and the next public holiday is a long way off.

I hope you’re not feeling like that. Reading further down the article the name of the mental health charity Mind jumped out at me, not least because the CEO of the charity, Paul Farmer, is an Old Oratorian (yet another example of a talented OO doing great things with his life). Mind don’t like the idea of Blue Monday, as they say it relegates the important issue of mental health to the level of feeling sad on a particular day, whereas depression is a much deeper and longer lasting problem than this. The article went on to suggest various ways in which we can improve our mental health, most of which you probably know, but they’ve been proven to work:


Practise your hobbies (such as coding, chess, debating or animation, our new activities on offer)

Spend time with friends

And lastly, what we are about to do and is proven to improve wellbeing…sing!


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