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‘Nothing indeed is more pleasant than the care of boys; at the same time nothing involves greater responsibility. A school such as ours is pastoral charge of the most intimate kind.’

Cardinal Newman

 Application & Appraisal

The Oratory believes that there is a profound link between Pastoral Care and Spirituality, conveyed essentially in the school motto “Cor ad cor loquitur” (heart speaking to heart). This is no vague aspiration to superficial contact. It is a purposeful application of principles and practice in an integrated and effective process based on engagement with the needs and concerns of the whole person. It works by example, encouragement, and regular evaluation of aims and assessment of effort.

Role of the Residential Chaplain

The availability of a resident Catholic Priest as Chaplain, whose remit of care and responsibility extends to all pupils, is also accessible for advice and guidance, when need arises, to staff and parents, in every case regardless of religious affiliation. Different levels of spiritual awareness are recognised and helped to develop. The importance of immediate and internal support and counselling, especially at times of crisis or bereavement, is an aspect of concern that the school places among its priorities of pastoral care.

Routines & Relationships

Boys enter the school at 11 and 13 and at this age they need careful guidance and regulated routines of prayer, learning, recreation and mealtimes, as well as times to socialise with their peers. They also need to learn to work together as unique individuals with varying backgrounds and abilities, and understand that they have similar growing and learning stages as well as goals to reach.

For more information please read our Chaplaincy Leaflet.