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Faber House was originally a family home until the Oratory School moved to Woodcote in 1942, but even in its reinvention as a boys’ boarding house it still retains a homely, comfortable feel, located, as it is, in the centre of the school buildings. The House is named after Frederick William Faber, (1814 –1863) an important friend and contemporary of John Henry Cardinal Newman, who founded the Oratory School in 1859.

Faber went on to found the Oratory School in London and is now remembered for his talents as a musician (he composed the well-known hymn ‘Faith of our Fathers’, which is now the House motto), but also as a writer and as a preacher.

Although Frederick Faber never saw the Oratory School based in Woodcote, Oxfordshire, we are pretty certain he would be very impressed by the house which now bears his name, and would be amazed at the facilities that the boys of the Oratory School in the 21st Century now enjoy. All boarders in Faber House enjoy the privacy of a single room to themselves. Day Boarders in the Third to Fifth Forms are able to work or socialise in comfortable accommodation in the Faber House Day Boarders Area situated in the centre of the House, while 6th Form Day Boarders occupy their own rooms, which are ideal for private study.

The Housemother, the academic and pastoral tutors, the prefects and I work hard to maintain the family atmosphere of Faber House and, being situated where we are, we can fulfil academic, nutritional and spiritual needs comfortably with a library, a refectory and a chapel all part of the same building! The Faber House facilities also include Wi Fi; a dedicated IT room; a TV Room with wide-screen plasma TV and a very popular high-tech cinema, with traditional, old-style cinema seats, showing current must-see movies each Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

So, if you think you would like to have a look at Faber House, please contact the school to arrange for a visit – we would be delighted to show you round.

Scott Bosher BSc DipDes (Inn)

Tel: 01491 683670
Duty Mobile: 07786 396118
Email: s.bosher@oratory.co.uk

Sally Woodley

Tel: 01491 683675
Email: s.woodley@oratory.co.uk