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Air Force


First Class Cadet training (Part 1) moves through basic training to Leading Cadet (Part 2) in Third and Fourth Form and finally on to Senior Cadet.

Subjects covered include History of the Royal Air Force, Principles of Airmanship, History of Flight, Initial Expedition Training including map reading, basic Radio Communications leading on to Principles of Flight, Airmanship Knowledge and Basic Navigation. Those that stay on at 16 become eligible to undertake basic gliding scholarships leading ultimately to flying a glider solo – often before they can drive a car!

Cadets also become eligible for Senior Cadet rank where they will study Flight Aircraft Handling and Flying Techniques, Jet Engine Propulsion, Basic Air Navigation and Data Communications.

Visits are undertaken to our parent station at RAF Benson where they will visit squadrons and various sections and learn to fly an RAF Tutor and gain air experience. In addition to aviation, all Cadets have the opportunity to undertake training with the Cadet rifle, often representing the school’s shooting team at Bisley and various other competitions, some going on to international level.