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The army cadets have a similar training programme as the other services but basically focusing on all things army i.e. marching, weapon training, rifle shooting both indoor and outdoor as well as badges of rank and uniform preparation, putting their military skills learnt in class into practice often using simulated attacks. The idea is for the boys to work up from basic recruit level to senior Non-Commissioned Officer and latterly to Senior Under Officer. Courses are held off school to enable the boys to learn initial basic instructional techniques.

To assist with this training the school utilises staff who are ex-regulars and regular visitors to the school include members of our local cadet training team and from our parent Regiment (Welsh Guards), who can assist with all things ceremonial. The School is proud to be the only independent School affiliated to the Welsh Guards.

Trips and field days often include full bore shooting, visits to our parent Regiment currently at Hounslow but soon to be moved to Pirbright in Surrey. As well as weekly training, army cadets are often given the opportunity to do adventure training and attend summer camps at Longmoor and Sennybridge.