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Boarders rise at 7:00am with cooked breakfast in the refectory at 7:30am. Boarders return to the House after breakfast to make their beds, wash their face and teeth and prepare for the day ahead. Day boys arrive in the House from 8:00am onwards and complete an orderly (job) to maintain the smooth running of the House.

The school day begins at 8:20 am with morning roll call. Prayers are included in a house assembly where the daily announcements are given. Lessons start at 8:45am. Lunch is served at an early sitting at 12:45pm before the senior boys arrive.

After lunch every day there is a period of games followed by afternoon tea. There are then two further teaching periods followed by evening prep, where all the boy’s academic work is completed for the day. The prep period is supervised by the house tutors and boys can ask for help when difficulties arise.

Although the winter and summer timetables vary slightly, the time of departure for day boys is always the same at 6:00pm, though many will stay on for one or more days a week and participate in our programme of evening activities. Supper for the boarders is at 6:05pm followed by nightly activities supervised by the duty member of staff.

After the activities day boys may depart whilst boarders will shower and get changed into their pyjamas. The boarders have free time before roll call and night prayers at 9:00pm.

The day ends for the boarders with a period of quiet reading. Lights out is at 9:30pm.