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The philosophy of the house is based on three themes, opportunity, participation and excellence.

The House runs major and minor games options. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays all the boys participate in the major game of the term which is rugby in the first term, soccer in the second term and cricket in the summer. The boys are coached at all levels of ability and during the year all the boys in the House will represent the school in at least two of the major games.

St Philip House enjoys a high level of success with both our soccer and cricket teams experiencing unbeaten seasons in recent years.

Monday is alternative sports afternoons. On Mondays the boys select from clay pigeon shooting, golf, five a side soccer and during the Easter term rugby sevens. On Thursday afternoons the boys take part in Physical Education lessons which include Health Related Fitness and swimming. The Monday options change throughout the year with basketball, athletics and tennis currently also being offered.