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Rugby Reports


Rugby Report v Reeds School

Saturday 3rd October 2015 

Reeds are traditionally a tough fixture across all the sports we play them at and this year was no exception in rugby. At the lower end they were too strong and won the 5 junior matches convincingly. In the seniors the matches were considerably closer – the Senior Colts BXV and 3rd XV lost narrowly, whilst the 2nd XV (12-7) and Senior Colts AXV (14-0) both secured well deserved victories. The 1st XV, a game which was finely balanced with each team having early chances in the game to extend their lead, lost narrowly 27-22. A tough result but Max Clementson will pick the squad up for next week’s match.

This week St Philip House 1st and 2nd XV are playing St John’s Beaumont on Wednesday, whilst the rest of the school prepare for the block versus Canford on Saturday.

Team Venue Result Score
1st XV Away LOST 27-22
2nd XV Away WON 12-7
3rd XV Away LOST 12-3
Senior Colts AXV Home WON 14-0
Senior Colts BXV Home LOST 19-7
Junior Colts AXV Home LOST 49-13
Junior Colts BXV Home LOST 62-0
Junior Colts CXV Home LOST 72-7
Yearlings AXV Away LOST 24-10
Yearlings BXV Away LOST 50-0