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The Oratory School Uniform & Curriculum PE Kit from September 2018


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The reasons for change

We have listened to the feedback from pupils, parents and staff about the current uniform, with the blazer in particular being the subject of much discussion. We share these views and have worked hard to find a uniform which looks smart, is hard wearing and easy to purchase.

It is important to the school that the pupils have a uniform they are proud to wear and which is recognisable instantly as ‘The Oratory’ uniform, which is why you will see a bolder introduction of the school colours.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to upgrade our curriculum PE kit.

The Supplier

We have chosen Schoolblazer as the supplier of the school uniform. Schoolblazer is the leading supplier of high quality uniform and performance driven sportswear to independent schools. They provide a tailored service to over 100 of the UK’s top schools.

More information about the service Schoolblazer provide can be found on their website and by clicking on the ‘New School’ box on their homepage. Here you will find out about their intelligent sizing recommendations, the free name tape application, the quick delivery (they aim to deliver within 3 days with 98% of orders shipped within 48 hours) and the quality of the materials and manufacture of the uniform.


The uniform & curriculum PE kit

We are delighted to share the designs for the new school uniform and curriculum sports kit with you. Please use the links below to view the uniform, the curriculum PE kit and the House Polos.

The drawings of the uniform and sports kit include information about the materials.

A full list of the compulsory items and prices will be made available in the New Year when we launch the uniform and curriculum PE kit.


All new pupils will wear the new uniform and curriculum PE kit from September 2018. Current pupils may either wear the new uniform and curriculum PE kit from September 2018 in its entirety or from September 2019 when it will be compulsory.

We will arrange a display of the uniform in the New Year and will inform you closer to the time of the details.


If you have any questions, please contact enquiries@oratory.co.uk. and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will also collate the most frequently asked questions and put the answers on this page.

The Oratory School Uniform 2018

The Oratory – Boys Curriculum Sportswear – 2018

The Oratory School House Polos 2018

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