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Academic Results

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A Levels - 2019

Once again the majority of Oratory pupils have gained entry to their first choice universities. There were a number of strong performances including: Matthew Petty who achieved an A* and 2 As (Electrical Engineering at Southampton); School Captain Ed Bromilow with 2 A*s and a B (Industrial Design at Loughborough); Sam Machin with 3 As and a B (Economics at Manchester); Sebastian Smith with A*, A, B (Computer Science at York); there were of course many other personal success stories on the day and many students arrived at school to pick up their results and celebrate with the members of staff present.

Particularly outstanding once again were the results for both Art & Design and Photography with 75% A*-A in each subject, continuing to confirm The Oratory School as a forerunner in these areas. In other disciplines there were excellent departmental performances in: Music, Chinese and Latin where there were 100% A*-B grades; Spanish where all grades were A*; Maths where there were 88% A*-C grades.

The Head Master, Mr Joe Smith, who was on hand to offer his congratulations to boys and parents said: “We are delighted with some outstanding individual performances in this year’s A Levels. Whilst we do of course celebrate those who have attained high grades in academic subjects, as a broadly non-selective school there have also been some excellent performances in practical areas as well as by those who have found A Level study challenging but have taken on the challenge and achieved places at their first choice universities. This is in line with our goal to ensure that every boy achieves his academic potential at The Oratory, whatever that might be.”

GCSEs - 2019

The Oratory School has once again celebrated a successful set of GCSE results. A record 8% of all grades were the top grade 9 and 23% of grades were in the 9-8 category, 37% at 9-7, and 78% at grade 4 or higher, all significantly higher than the national average.

The highest achievers included: Franky Tyler who recorded an impressive seven grade 9s alongside one A* and three 8s; Joonmin Choe with four 9s, one A*, five 8s, and one 6; Joseph Staples with three 9s, two A*s, two 8s, two 7s, and three 6s; Toby Winterbottom with two 9s, one A*, three 8s, three 7s, and two 6s; Daniel Klucinec with two 9s, one A*, two 8s, three 7s and two 6s; Alex Vile with one 9, one A*, three 8s, four 7s, and two 6s. There were some excellent departmental performances, particularly in Art and Design where 36% of grades achieved were grade 9, History in which 31% of grades were A*, Music where 100% of grades were 9-7, and English Language in which 50% of pupils achieved 9-7.

The Head Master, Mr Joe Smith, who was present to offer his congratulations to boys and parents said: “The new 9-1 GCSEs have been applied across almost all subjects and exam boards this year and there had been a significant amount of concern nationally about the toughening of syllabuses. However, the boys in our Year 11 cohort have performed admirably well and we are delighted that there was a significant increase in the percentage of top grade 9s scored by our pupils when compared with last year. A significant amount of work and preparation has gone into attaining these grades, in terms of the pupils’ independent revision, parental support and involvement in this, and also from the aspect of the extra revision sessions put on by teaching staff to assist preparation for all pupils. I am sure that the pupils will be both proud of their achievements and indeed learn from the process as they now move on to the further challenges of A Level study.”