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Computer Science

ICT and Computing allows pupils to explore the latest technologies and develop a broad range of skills essential to the modern world.

In 1943, Thomas Watson, President of IBM, thought that there would be, ‘a world market for maybe five computers’. There are now estimated to be 2 billion computers in the world. Computer Science GCSE will help give you the grounding needed to navigate in this digital age.

The course will teach you the key elements of computing from the theory behind computer systems and programming to the practical skills required to code your own solutions in a modern language such as Python.

Computer Science at GCSE is wide-ranging, exciting and demanding – being considered as stretching and content filled as any of the other three traditional science GCSEs. The work is split fairly evenly between learning computing concepts and technologies and practical coding work on computers.


Innovate and Create

The Computing Department is heavily involved in the school’s STEAM Society (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). We have to date worked on an iBeacon project and also building and flying micro-drones, using a newly acquired 3D printer to make the chassis and camera-mount.