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Computer Science

ICT and Computing allows pupils to explore the latest technologies and develop a broad range of skills essential to the modern world.

Computing at The Oratory  is very much driven by the idea of making learning to code fun, through the use of physical computing. Classes are hands on, using devices such as Raspberry Pis and BBC Micro:bits, and various add-ons so that the pupils can get their code to make things happen in the real world (such as controlling LED lights, scrolling text messages, check the temperature or even interacting with Minecraft worlds) rather than just running a program on a monitor.

Innovate and Create

The Computing Department is heavily involved in the school’s STEAM Society (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). We have to date worked on an iBeacon project and also building and flying micro-drones, using a newly acquired 3D printer to make the chassis and camera-mount.