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The Drama Department is an active, flourishing department at The Oratory


GCSE Drama fosters candidates’ creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, communication and analytical skills through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding and the exercise of the imagination. It promotes pupils’ involvement in and enjoyment of drama as performers, devisers, directors and designers. It provides opportunities for pupils to attend professional and community dramatic performances and to develop their skills as informed and thoughtful audience members.

The Eduqas GCSE in Drama is an exciting, inspiring and practical course. The course promotes involvement in and enjoyment of drama, as performers and/or designers. Additionally it provides opportunities to attend live theatre performances and to develop skills as informed and thoughtful audience members.



Opportunities to shine

You do not have to be on the stage to be involved with Drama at The Oratory: there are opportunities for directors, designers, sound and lighting technicians, and stage managers. We also have a flourishing LAMDA programme with two dedicated LAMDA teachers offering solo tuition. Our results in these examinations have been outstanding.



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