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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an opportunity for pupils to undertake a research project on any topic of their choosing, in a fully supervised context.

Pupils learn both about a subject in depth, and the whole process of planning, methodology, writing, referencing, and reviewing required for independent research.

The EPQ is worth the equivalent of half an A Level, and is taken in addition to A Level subjects, on a topic of the pupil’s choosing. Most will research and complete an extended essay, but there is also the option to devise a performance, create a program, plan an event, or create a variety of other appropriate final products. The project outcome is only part of the process, which also teaches pupils to understand project planning, reflect on their projects, and give a presentation on their research. This is all fully supported by the EPQ coordinator, and by subject mentors. Pupils will not only develop by learning about their chosen topic and the skills to research it, but also by learning about their own capability for planning, organisation, and independent learning.


Beyond the course

The EPQ is excellent preparation for university, both as an addition to personal statements and interviews, and as an introduction to the skills required in higher education. It is looked upon very favourably by universities in particular, but also reflects skills required in the workplace, both in business and other careers.