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The Geography Department develops pupils’ passion for the world

Geography plays a vital role in understanding and managing some of the most pressing challenges facing us today. Over the coming years our world will change faster than ever before, affecting individuals, communities, nations, and the planet as a whole. Geography in the 21st Century is central to understanding the causes of these changes and their consequences in different places, including the problems they pose for sustainable futures of societies, resources and landscapes.

Pupils benefit from developing a distinct set of skills that will equip them well for future study and work.

Fieldwork Opportunities

The subject is popular at both GCSE and A Level within the School. There are regular visits to Iceland undertaken by the department for GCSE age pupils and Human and Physical Fieldwork visits to Studland Bay on the South Coast and Portsmouth. The department’s A Level fieldwork locations include study on the South Coast and in Henley-on-Thames, Gower, and South Wales. 



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