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Modern Foreign Languages

The Department is committed to developing our pupils’ linguistic skills along with their confidence, through a well-designed and imaginative programme.

At The Oratory pupils are required to do at least one language, whether Modern or Classical, and may do two or even three. The Modern Languages available are French, Spanish, and Italian as our main options. Other languages are also available upon request including German, Chinese, and Russian.

A language GCSE and a certain competence in a given language are considered by many employers to be a highly attractive skill for future employment.

Languages A Level

By the end of the course, students will be able to express their views on a wide range of current issues, research topics, and develop presentation and essay-writing skills. Pupils will also find they have learnt much more than a language. Ideally, pupils should be good linguists, with a desire to improve their fluency, and a willingness to learn about different cultures and to communicate.


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