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A-Level Psychology is an ideal subject choice if you have an interest in understanding human behaviour from a scientific perspective.

Psychology is the science of behaviour and experience and, as such, is relevant to all areas of life; it offers a bridge connecting the human and natural sciences. Psychologists use the same research methods as other scientists to study the brain; however, science further helps a psychologist understand how physiology links to behaviour.

The Course

Psychology at A Level is taught with the assumption that pupils have no prior knowledge of the subject. However, Psychology is a demanding academic discipline and the grade recommendation to study the A Level course is a grade 6 or above in Biology, a grade 6 or above in Mathematics, and a grade 5/6 in English Language. Strong written communication is essential, as the Psychology student needs to discuss various scientific issues, as well as research methodology and major approaches in Psychology, and be able to write about these clearly and concisely.