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Science is one of the cornerstones of secondary education, the study of which helps to develop inquisitive thought and both literacy and numeracy skills through analysis and investigation.

At the Oratory School we aim to educate pupils well beyond any examined curriculum to be scientifically literate, thoughtful adults who can make informed decisions about their own health and life choices and make contributions to shaping the economies and societies of tomorrow

Specialist Subject Teachers

Each science is taught by specialist subject teachers. The content is presented in an order that tells a coherent and logical story and practical work is an important part of the course. Written exams develop the knowledge and understanding that pupils have gained, and practical work is linked to content to embed related skills and knowledge. The courses cover a systematic body of scientific knowledge, skills and the practical nature of Science. 

Intellectually Curious

Our pupils are encouraged to read widely, enabling them to more fully appreciate scientific issues and advances. The library is well stocked with up-to-date texts which not only fully support all of the courses we deliver, but also go well beyond these, for the interested reader and those who may be preparing for entry to university. 6th Form Journal Club provides opportunities for scientists at all levels to develop critical reading skills by evaluating scientific literature.

Broad & Engaging

We believe that the specifications we have adopted are just the beginning in terms of providing a broad, exciting and engaging science education. We therefore devise our own academic and co-curricular activities every year. Our location in South Oxfordshire (sandwiched between two ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, the North Wessex Downs and the Chilterns) is especially useful to our biologists, while our extensive grounds often host a range of physics experiments too. Our proximity to London and Oxford allows us to take advantage of the vast range of offerings from museums, universities, theatres, and other institutions. The events and lectures we host may be attended by visitors to the School, and we look forward to offering further opportunities for others to share in our passion for the sciences in the future.

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