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A new style for The Oratory School


11 October 2018

Our current school logo has been in use for several years and, while it has served us well, it is time to introduce a style which reflects the school of today and of the future.

The crest as you know it, with the school motto ‘Cor ad cor loquitur’, and the Cardinal’s hat will continue to have a presence in the school’s communications and indeed within the school itself. The current crest will remain in place for The Oratory Schools Association and will certainly be used whenever tradition or a sense of history will be important to convey.

The Oratory is blessed with such a rich history and is known for being traditional. That will not change with the introduction of a new logo. What we want to demonstrate with our new logo is that a school can be proud of its history, yet modern and innovative at the same time.

We are also introducing Est.1859 as part of our design and will apply this when appropriate to give that sense of history. The combination of Est.1859 and the new more modern design work well together.

We have deliberately removed the school motto from beneath the crest because it is often barely legible and is therefore lost and goes unnoticed by most. The school motto ‘Cor ad cor loquitur’ is hugely important to the school and we want to give it more space and ensure that more people can see it, will read it and understand it. What this means in practice is that the school motto will no longer be hidden in a small banner under the crest but will be written out clearly and proudly in our communications.

The simplification and modernisation of the school’s style not only brings the school up to date and reflects our vision, it also enables us to draw attention to the hearts. We want people to know that we are a school where ‘heart speaks to heart’, a school which encourages love, joy, friendship and a sense of community; all of the things associated with a heart.

A new style for The Oratory Schools Association

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