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Anti Bullying Week 2020 & Odd Socks Day Friday 20th

This week we are focusing on anti-bullying in PSHE lessons, in line with the national Anti-Bullying Week running from 16th-20th November. The theme this year is 'United against bullying'. 

In PSHE lessons we will help pupils understand the nuances of bullying and how they are displayed in a group setting. We will discuss the concept of allyship and how vital it is to work together and be united in the fight against bullying. Older pupils will be considering the bystander effect.

We held 'Odd Socks Day' today, Friday 20th November to help us raise the issue of bullying in a positive way and celebrate what makes us all unique. 

We invited all students and staff to wear odd socks to express and celebrate individuality. Mr Tomlinson won the award for the best odd socks combo last year. We wait to hear who has challenged him this year for the prize! Photo gallery below, can you guess the sock wearers?!