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Policy Documents

The Oratory School is fully committed to the safeguarding and welfare of our pupils; we review regularly our policies and procedures, both to keep up to date with regulatory requirements and to model best practice in pupil welfare.

In the documents below, parents will be able to read the school’s advice and guidelines to its staff for safeguarding children. Other school policies are also provided. The Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputies are constantly monitoring and updating this crucial area of school activity.

All policies below can be downloaded from the website, are available in school and can be emailed to you or sent as a hard copy in the post. Please contact or call +44 (0)1491 683500 to request a hard copy or for the policy to be sent by email.   


Mr S Burrows
Designated Safeguarding Lead 



Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: 
Dr V Fogg
Mr T Gibbon
Mr I Jordan
Mr N Kemp
Mr C Watson
Safeguarding Governor:
Mrs P Lo


Download and view our latest policies and other school-related information.

Accessibility Plan                                                   

Address Correspondence with Governors   

Admissions Policy                                                 

Aims & Ethos Statement                                    

Alcohol Policy                                                           

Anti-Bullying Policy                                              

Asthma Policy                                                         

Biometric Policy                                                      

Complaints Procedure                                         

COVID-SAFE Charter (BSA)                             

Curriculum Policy                                                  

Drugs Policy                                                             

EAL Policy                                                                

Equal Opportunities Pupil Policy                       

Fire Safety Policy                                                         

Fire Risk Prevention Policy                                 

First Aid Policy.pdf                                                

Food Allergen Policy                                             


Good Behaviour and Sanctions Policy           

Guardianship Policy                                             

Health and Safety Part 1 and 2                       

Highly Able, Gifted & Talented Policy            


Information Security Policy                               

IT Code of Conduct for Pupils                           

IT Code of Conduct for Staff                             

Missing Pupil Policy                                              

Mobile Phone Policy                                               

Privacy Policy                                                         

Privacy Policy for Current Parents & Pupils  

Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) Policy 

Remote Learning Policy                                      

Risk Assessment - November 2021               

Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy         

 Safeguarding Annex Covid-19                       

SEND Policy                                                            

Searching Pupils/Possessions Policy                

Self-Harm Policy                                                     

Smoking Policy                                                       

Social Media Policy                                              

Statement of Boarding Practice                    

 Transport Policy                                                 

Trips and Visits Policy                                        

Terms and Conditions                                        

Word Processor (Exams) Policy                      

Address for correspondence with the Chairman of Governors

Mrs P. Lo BA, PGCE
c/o The Clerk to the Governors
The Oratory School
Near Reading
South Oxfordshire RG8 0PJ