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Academic Results

Public Examination Results 2020


The Oratory School has once again celebrated a successful set of GCSE results, with 18% of grade 9s, 35% of grades in the 9-8 category, 53% at 9-7, and 99% at grade 4 or higher.

There were some excellent results at the top of the cohort and the highest achievers included: Ben Machin who recorded an impressive eleven grade 9s; Mayaz Shabab with nine 9s and one 8; Eustache Lamort de Gail who attained eight 9s, two 8s and one 7; Tolu Awoniyi with eight 9s, one 8 and two 7s; Ryan Iweze with two 9s, seven 8s, one 7, and one 6; Harry Blair who achieved four 8s, five 7s and one 6. 

The Head Master, Mr Joe Smith, said in reaction to the results: “I am delighted with these results, which are testament to the hard work of the young men, which in turn enabled us to submit strong Centre Assessment Grades to the exam boards. For over half of the results to be graded 7 and above (A - A*) is a fine achievement for a school with a broad ability spread. These young people should be congratulated for their efforts and achievements as they look forward with excitement to their 6th Form studies.”

A Level

The Oratory School celebrated a year of substantial improvement in A Level results with grades at A*-A (53%), A*-B (72%), A*-C (90%) and A*-E (100%) showing large gains on last year; the vast majority of pupils have gained entry to their first choice universities.

In a year of significant turmoil for pupils and schools there were a number of strong individual performances including: Harry Page with 3 A*s and an A (Industrial Design at Loughborough); Ali Shirazi with 2 A*s and a D1 (English at St Andrews); Jose Arnaiz Diaz with 2 A*s and an A (Computer Science at KCL); Danila Shkaev with 3 As and a B (A EPQ) (History, Politics and Economics at UCL); Lucas Sieyes with 3 As (Chemical Engineering at Manchester); Owen Bell with 3 As (Biomedical Science at Cardiff); Kevin Yang with 1 A* and 2 As (Illustration at University of the Arts); Tom Bateman with 2 A*s and a B (Economics at Exeter); Morgan Macrae with 2 A*s and a B (Media and Communication at Swansea). Additionally, 2019 leaver Michael Williams will take up his place at Liverpool to study Medicine. There were of course many other personal success stories on the morning and these will be celebrated once there is the opportunity for the pupils to return to school later in the year.

The results for both Art & Design and Photography were again excellent with 100% A*-A in both A Levels, further strengthening The Oratory’s position as one of the leading schools in the subjects. In other areas there were more superb departmental performances in: Chinese and Philosophy where there were also 100% A*-A grades; Physics and English Literature where there were 66% A*-A grades in both subjects; Maths in which there were 50% A*-A grades.

The Head Master, Mr Joe Smith said: “For a year group which has suffered enormously through not being able to complete their time at school in the normal way, I am delighted for them at having achieved these excellent grades, and very proud of them indeed. Although these young men didn’t ultimately sit the examinations, they have absolutely earned these results through their hard work over their time at the school, which allowed us to submit compelling, well-evidenced Centre Assessment Grades to the exam boards, which in the vast majority of cases have been upheld.

This has been an able and hard-working year group and I am delighted for them, for their parents and for their teachers who taught them so well. I look forward to seeing these Oratorians in person before long to celebrate their fine achievements.”